Michael Broadhurst
Executive Vice-President
Vision 2000 Travel Group


I had a great dinner at Virtuoso Travel Week with Tauck Tours and River Cruises, who have always been one of my favourites.


Through the dinner I sat next to Susan, who is one of their sales managers. I was delighted with a story she recounted, when she found out I was from Calgary.


When the floods occurred, the roads to the mountains were closed, and most of the top hotels had to close due to flooding. Tauck Tours called Susan who was at Cruise 360 in Vancouver, and had her fly immediately to Calgary to help work with clients who were affected. She had a hard time finding a cabby who would bring her down town, (it was closed off) but eventually she managed to get to the Palliser Hotel, where Tauck guests were staying.


Susan was impressed with the Palliser, operating with their own generator, and serving the guests needs. She met with all her clients, and explained the situation. She then arranged air transportation home at no charge for all the Tauck guests, even those who had not purchased their air from Tauck, and sent them all home, with a 100% refund of the tour cost.


Other tour guests were around the lobby, but appeared to be left to their own devices.


When choosing your perfect trip you may notice Tauck IS a little more expensive than their competitors, but as you can see from just this one example Tauck’s difference is they are always there for the clients – it really does make a difference to your overall experience when you work and travel with a great partner!