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Tahiti. The word evokes visions of an island paradise. With 118 islands boasting high, rugged mountain peaks, coral reefs, turquoise-blue lagoons, white sand, palm-fringed beaches, and luxuriously intimate resorts, each island paradise has something for everyone.


Snorkel at a Plane Wreck

Enjoy snorkeling in a beautiful site and dive down below the ocean’s surface in the warm current, where you can see schools of colorful fish nibbling on the coral reef. Watch hundreds of silvery needlefish as they dart about in perfect sparkling unison.


 Ride in an Outrigger Canoe

The sparkling surf gently rolls in to caress the sandy beach and the sun is bright in the blue sky. The Polynesian style canoe is uniquely designed with a single-hull and attached outrigger. This type of canoe has been in existence for more than 1,000 years and is capable of traveling across the open ocean, then maneuvering to the shore over the shallow reef.


Overwater Bungalows

Tahiti’s signature accommodation, invented in the Islands of Tahiti more than 45 years ago, are unique to Tahiti and provide an incredibly memorable experience.   For travelers looking for the perfect South Pacific escape, staying in an overwater bungalow is a “can’t miss experience.” From direct access from a private deck into the world-renown Tahitian lagoons or lounging on the balcony of a thatched-roof hideaway with all the amenities and service of a first class hotel room, the overwater bungalow is the symbol of the ultimate private getaway.


Culinary Delights

A motu picnic is a “must” for anyone visiting the Islands of Tahiti. Usually, after a morning of snorkeling and swimming with rays, travelers are whisked by boat to a private motu (a tiny islet in the lagoon) where a BBQ along with poisson cru, fresh fruit, coconut bread and other local specialties are prepared. A table is set either under a coconut tree or in the warm, shallow waters of the lagoon.