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Flip through the travel section in your newspaper, listen to the airwaves or search online and you are bound to be bombarded with last minute travel deals.

What you don’t often hear is the value and benefits of booking your travel well in advance.

We are here to shed some light, especially when it comes to cruising. The following are our top three reasons for reserving your cabin at least a year in advance.

Cabin selection

Experienced travel advisors know the best cabins on a ship and they will be reserved early. Don’t miss out on getting the port side balcony or the suite nearest your favourite part of the ship.


These days we find that the more obscure the ports, the more popular the cruise. If you are looking for something a little bit different, you have to act early. Again, those who are in tune with cruising know what to reserve early.


Many people think that the longer you wait to book your travel, the lower the price gets. This couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to cruising. Cruise lines often start with their best price (supply is at its highest) and increase the price as cabins are reserved. They even sometimes offer Early Bird Savings or Added Value (in amenities) as soon as an itinerary is released.
Bonus: for the most part deposits are fully refundable. Be sure to check with your travel advisor about payment terms for each cruise line.

Most 2015 cruise itineraries have been released for reservations. This means you have the opportunity to secure your cruise and cabin of choice now. We strongly advise that you start planning your 2015 cruise with your travel advisor as soon as possible.

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