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10) Turkey

April marks the beginning of the summer season in Turkey, so while the temperatures are warm they’re not uncomfortable. The busy tourist season hasn’t yet started either so it’s often quite quiet on the coast. Inside the hamams they slap, slough and scrub. Outside in the bazaar they shout, sell and spruik. Turkey’s reach knows no bounds. Every day is a feast for the senses, and every night unfurls a new blanket of stars.

burma9) Burma

Any thoughts of the chilly winter in the Burmese highlands are so far away in April; you can expect excellent weather across the country. The temperatures are high and there is little chance of rain so make sure you pack the suntan lotion!


napal8) Nepal

Spring and fall are great times for trekking in Nepal. It’s approaching the warm season so even trekking at altitude is not too cold and there is a real buzz in Kathmandu. There are many flowers in bloom in the spring, including beautiful rhododendrons, which add a flash of colour to the trekking routes.



maldives7) Sri Lanka and the Maldives

April and May are definitely one of the best times of year to visit these tropical islands. The cultural centre and the beaches of Sri Lanka will see plenty of hot sunshine, while the hill stations and tea plantations give a break from the heat.


itlay6) Italy

Italy is beautiful. From its cities to the countryside and lakes to the coastline, it’s a real feast for the eyes. This makes it an ideal place for a walking holiday. April is a great time to go; the landscapes are green and swathed in wildflowers, and there are fewer tourists at the main sights. Lean more


tiger5) India

India is a large country and, as such, the weather varies dramatically. However, it can be safely said that those looking for some guaranteed sun will get that in India during springtime. The southern parts of the country will be slightly cooler but still warmer than most parts of Canada!



Havana street with colorful old cars in a raw4) Cuba

November to April is Cuba’s dry season so heading out there in Spring means you’ll be there at the end of this. Visitor numbers will be beginning to dwindle but the climate is still warm and dry. And no matter what time of year you go, there’s always rum to drink and salsa to dance!


Jordan3) Jordan

Spring is an ideal season to travel in Jordan, especially if you’re hiking or cycling, as it’s warm and sunny without being overpoweringly hot. Being a desert climate the nights can be chilly even in April, but that’s more than compensated for by the cool and pleasant mornings and evenings. Lean more


spain walking2) Spain

Mallorca and Madeira! Springtime in Spain and all of Western Europe is beautiful. Spring flowers start to blossom, carpeting the countryside in a beautiful riot of colour. A walking holiday provides the opportunity to reach the most beautiful spots to enjoy the views. And of course Easter is the time of Semana Santa – one of the most important celebrations on the Spanish calendar.

Morocco1) Morocco

Morocco really is a year-round destination. Spring is proving more and more popular in recent years due to it being outside the peak season and therefore relatively quiet. It’s especially good for walking and cycling adventures as you’ll be there before the soaring temperatures of the summer months really kick in. Lean more