Looking for inspiration for your New Year’s travel resolutions? Here are 10 ways you may not have thought of to enhance your 2015 journeys. They’ll get the ideas flowing for planning your travel for the year ahead.

  • Try something you wouldn’t do at home. Maybe it’s an activity that intimidates you or a food you’ve never heard of. Or maybe it’s simply doing something on your own that you would normally do with other people.Bermuda_Snorkling
  • Plan a trip around a personal passion. Avid golfers would love to play Scotland’s famed Old Course at St. Andrews. Wine lovers would jump at the chance to tour top regions such as Mendoza or Sonoma. Practically every scuba diver has Australia’s Great Barrier Reef on their bucket list.
  • Keep a travel journal. Trips whoosh by in a rapid blur, so by writing down the highlights they’ll stay with you longer. And you’ll have a wonderful keepsake forever.
  • Plan a vacation activity to get in touch with nature
  • Build in time to relax. We’re so busy seeing and doing on trips that we forget to take it easy. Sleep in. Sit at a café, sip a beverage and take in the scene. Unwind poolside or in a park.
  • Treat yourself. You deserve that great dinner at an acclaimed restaurant, a day at the spa, a suite at that hotel you’ve always dreamed of staying at, or first-class sleeper seats on your international flightKenya_OlDonyoLodge-Masai
  • Become a better global citizen by increasing your knowledge and understanding of other cultures. You’ll have a more satisfying and interesting trip and leave feeling more connected to other people and places.
  • Plan an experience that could be anything from a short hike in a national park to swimming with dolphins to a stay at a glamping resort.
  • Take a mini vacation. Maybe it’s adding a day onto a business trip or taking a long weekend. Even traveling to a destination as close as a short flight or drive away will feel like a fun break.
  • If the only continent you haven’t visited is Antarctica, what are you waiting for?

Courtesy of Betsy Goldberg of Virtuoso Travel.