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1) Danube Bike & Barge

bike barge 1An Odyssey through Five Countries from Prague to Budapest—Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia & Hungary. Prague to Passau, Vienna to Bratislava and on to Budapest. Each stop is a unique treasure. Pedaling silently through the Bavarian Forest. Sampling local beers. Strolling among baroque architecture. The Danube is your gateway to truly experience it all. Castles and bratwurst and vineyards and hidden Austrian villages. Fill up on sights and sounds and scents. And then float on to Budapest—the perfect finale to this sensory adventure on the Danube.

2) Rhine River Bike Tour

bike and barge 2A Four-Country Sojourn from Switzerland to Holland has never been this relaxed. Float along the captivating Rhine through Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Find yourself effortlessly awakening in a new country. When you’re this relaxed, you’ll want to say yes to everything. Pedal the lush Black Forest? Yep. Stroll through glorious medieval Cologne? Ja. Sip fresh brews at a biergarten, see Strasbourg’s soaring Gothic cathedral and spin along Amsterdam’s canals like a local? Of course!

3) France (Loire Valley Bike and Barge)

bike and barge 3 Cycling the quiet roads of the Loire Valley encountering this region’s rich history, culture and delightful scenery. A bike and barge trip in this famous region takes in the highlights including the magnificent 12th century chateau and gardens at Apremont, the ancient Roman town of La Charité-sur-Loire and the local market in Châtillon-Coligny. By night retire in a private barge, custom built for cruising on the French canals. The relaxed atmosphere on board will make you feel at home quickly as will the comfortable cabins, most of which have private facilities.

4) Holland Bike & Barge

bike and barge 4Discover antiquated Dutch towns, castles and ports and experience the beauty of Holland’s lakes, beaches and sand dunes. This trip ventures into the ‘green heart’ of the Netherlands to gain an insight into the country’s highlights with its historic towns and picturesque countryside. From Amsterdam you will board a barge and after exploring the city’s canals leave it behind for the tranquility of the Dutch countryside. Cycling through quiet lake areas you will experience the medieval centres of Haarlem and Leiden at handlebar level. Explore the scenic north with its ports, including Hoorn, where you will discover the spirit of the Dutch Golden Age.

5) Italy (Veneto Bike and Barge)

bike and barge 5Journey through the historic Veneto region and beyond to the regions of Lombardia and Emilia-Romagna. Beginning in the magical city of Venice, cycle through seaside towns and along rivers and canals to the Renaissance town of Mantova. Along the way, take in the artistic, cultural and historical legacies entwined in the region and explore the unique landscapes of the Venetian lagoon and the Po Delta area, where bird life is prolific. Wander through classic towns such as Ferrara famous for bicycles and the ancient Greek port of Adria. There will be opportunities to taste wine and cheese as you wind your way to Mantova, rich in artistic masterpieces. In the evening experience the camaraderie of your fellow cyclists, whilst moored at picturesque locations.