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Love to golf?  Here are the World’s Most Challenging Golf Holes according to Luxury Travel Magazine.

South Africa -Extreme 19th

Extreme-19th-Tee-Off-African-Shaped-Green-1024x657The now world famous Extreme 19th is the world’s longest and highest Par 3, providing every golfer with an unforgettable golfing experience. Accessible only by helicopter, the tee is situated on the top of Hanglip Mountain with a 361 metre shot to the green located 400 breath-taking meters below the tee. There is nothing like it anywhere else on planet golf!!

New Zealand – Cape Kidnappers 15th

Cape Kidnappers is not true links terrain, with the wrinkles of sand dunes; instead the land tilts toward the sea as a series of ridges jutting out toward the edge of the cliffs.  The 15th hole has a 70 foot drop to the ocean on one side and a 500 foot cliff on the other.

USA – Pebble Beach 8th

Golf club and ball in grassConsidered one of the most challenging par 4 holes in the world. This 427 yard hole is sounded by cliffs and the green is sloped from back to front, making it challenging to keep your ball from disappearing.

USA – Elfego Baca Shootout- a one hole course 

Competitors are leaded into four-wheel drive vehicles to ascend Socorro Peak, 7,243 feet above sea level. Here they will battle in a one-hole shoot. The hole, a fifty foot patch of dirt, is located on the New Mexico Tech campus, about 3 miles away and 2,550 feet down hill.

 USA- Augusta 12th  

The shortest hole is a bear to play because of swirling winds. It is usually a medium- or short-iron shot to a narrow green that is protected by Rae’s Creek in front and azaleas behind.