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namibia giraffesHere’s a great choice for the world traveller: Namibia. Located in southwestern Africa, Namibia is just somewhat larger than Alberta but packs an enormous range of experiences within its borders.

First, a little cultural background. The country was colonized by Germany and even today there are touches of German culture and architecture in the pretty capital Windhoek (pronounced “vind-hook”). You’ll still hear Afrikaans spoken – the country was part of South Africa from the end of World War 1 until 1990 – though English is widely understood and there are of course local languages such as the Bantu languages. The population is just over 2 million.

There are several very distinct geographic areas in Namibia, including several deserts such as the famous Kalahari. Here you’ll Namibia desertfind the highest sand dunes in the world. (Check out some of the scenery and bushmen in the very funny movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy”.)

Tourism is growing in popularity, and there are some great itineraries featuring Namibia such as tour company Kiboko’s Trans Kalahari Tour which combines Namibia with Botswana and Victoria Falls, all in luxurious comfort.

“Namibia is a great bucket-list choice for the traveller who perhaps has already done a safari in East Africa and is now wondering ‘where next’,” says Vision’s senior manager of active travel Pat Rochon. “It’s a completely different place, great food, fabulous photo ops on those sand dunes – and I can highly recommend it!”

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