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About Morocco

Life-size-MoroccoLocated in northern Africa, Morocco is one of only three countries that have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. As you move into the interior of Morocco the landscape is characterized by rugged mountains and large portions of dessert. Morocco’s climate is much more moderate then you might think and is similar to that of California’s.

Getting There

Many travellers first experience Morocco as part of a cruise. It’s a fantastic way to get a taste of the country and to leave you planing your next trip back!

Main Ports of Call 


Walking around the souks and the medina and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Petit Socco, taste a mint tea at the Hafa cafe, discover Hercules’s caves, stroll through the cities of Asilah, Tétouan and Chefchaouen, visit the beaches and play water sports, admire a sunset at Cape Spartel and then try your luck at the casino: this is just a glimpse of the incredible moments you will experience in the region.

morocco ladyCasablanca

A tour of the city is an opportunity to discover both the medina and the city’s modern side with its arts deco houses. Visit the great Hassan II Mosque, as a tour of this contemporary Arab-Muslim architectural masterpiece is a must. Then shop the luxury boutiques in the Anfa quarter. Visit  Bouznika beach few kilometers north of the town. Take advantage of the swimming pools and beaches of Casablanca’s La Corniche, the ideal spot for a walk at dusk. At the only dog race track on the continent, watch an evening greyhound race. And finally, dance the night away on the wild dance floors of the city’s numerous clubs before getting back on the boat.


This ancient Portuguese fortified city is especially famous for its national ceramics museum and its potters’ quarter. Food lovers come here to sample oysters in Oualidia while the sportier choose surfing on one of the most famous beaches in the world for this sport: Sidi Bouzid. Other will opt for an excursion to the Gorani cave.

morocco tajineAgadir

After a visit to the medina, take advantage of the beach and the three golf clubs around the city (Agadir Royal Golf Club, Les Dunes and Le Soleil Golf Clubs). If not, choose to relax in one of the numerous spas. Outside the town, the Souss Massa national park is waiting to reveal its treasures to you. And finally, explore the preserved world of Berber culture in the group of perfectly conserved towns including Immouzzer Ida Outanane, Taroudant, Tafraout, etc. to experience something completely different.

Ready to go?

All of our favorite cruise lines have itineraries that visit Morocco.  If a cruise isn’t  your preferred vacation then your Vision Travel Advisor can help you create a fantastic land based vacation that will allow you to explore this rich and diverse country.