The Joys of Morocco

Kasbah Amahidil in Skoura oasis, Ouarzazate district, Morocco

We like to think of Morocco as adventure-lite: a bit exotic, with its chaotic cities where the locals dress traditionally or in the latest European fashions; the food, particularly the famous Moroccan specialty tajine (a type of spicy stew) is different but not too much so; and the culture has its own colourful flair. Above all visitors are welcome – and there are lots of them, so you won’t feel conspicuous in any way. French and Arabic are the local languages, so if you remember some of your high school French, so much the better.

Active travel options include cycling and trekking, city stays and camel rides – and even community projects where for part of your stay you would be involved in, say, building a school. And the temperate climate makes it appealing year round!
Some very cool trips to Morocco include World Expeditions’ Cycle the High Atlas; Exodus Imperial Cities & Coast Food; Peregrine Adventures’ Morocco Explorer; and Backroads’ Morocco Multisport Adventures.

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Splendors of Morocco

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