In the past 50 years or so, train travel in North America has been somewhat lost compared to air travel. But it’s nice to see that more Canadians are coming around to the joys and conveniences of travelling by train.

013-3-0010For one reason it seems a lot less stressful than air travel which can involve a lot of lining up, security, and fussiness about the weight and size of your luggage. Travelling by train not only usually means you can move around a lot more and stretch your legs out but also you get to really be “one of the locals” – and get to see the scenery at a more human pace (unless you are on the Bullet Train – see below!)

Another plus for train travel is that it is considered one of the most sustainable forms of transit. And you are often travelling downtown-to-downtown.

Some of our favourite train rides include the Transmongolian train from Ulan Bator to Moscow: almost 100 hours but there are several packages that allow you to extend your stay at the beginning and end and have breaks in the journey enroute.

In Vietnam, the Reunification Express is a must, taking you from Hanoi to Saigon – with a history lesson thrown in for free! South Africa is a vast country that can be explored comfortably by train on, for example, the Shongolo service: 25 hours between Johannesburg and Cape Town, with sleeper and restaurant car service.

One practical way to avoid the traffic in Japan is to take one of the legendary Bullet Trains: high speed and efficient, up to 320 kph and excellent value in a country which can be pricey.

We work with many companies who offer train journeys – or packages incorporating train travel.

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