bike man overlooking secenery smallOne of the biggest trends in active vacations is cycling holidays.  So many Canadians have taken up the sport and now want to enjoy it as part of their vacation.  But how do you psych up for next summer’s trip to Croatia or Vietnam when the couch is calling your name and your car is sporting winter tires? It’s not that hard – here are a couple of tips:  l) Keep active with sports which offer constant movement of your legs such as distance skating, snow shoeing and cross country skiing (better than stop-and-start sports like hockey). And of course a stationary bike. 2) Don’t fret about the condition of your own bike. We strongly recommend that you use the bikes offered by the tour company. They will be suited to the terrain, are often state-of-the-art, and the tour company will have a mechanic accompanying the group with the parts and know-how to fix that model – so your mechanical problem won’t slow the whole group down. This is true even in developing countries where they will import bikes if necessary. All you need to bring is your own saddle or (ahhh!) a gel cover.